How to Recover Hacked Gmail account in Few steps

Gmail is worlds Most popular Email service and that’s exactly why its Hackers faverite and They target majority of Gmail users. If you have any Infected program, Extension of file in Your System which was Installed by someone to Hack Gmail account, then Chances is pretty high that your Gmail account is Infected. In this post I am Going to show you How to recover Hacked Gmail account in Few simple steps.

If you getting Notifications about some Suspicious Activity which you didn’t done then it means someone Hacked your Gmail account. Don’t worry in this post i am Going to show how to Recover the Gmail account if its Infected.


How to Recover hacked Gmail account


  • To Recover your Gmail Account you have to visit the account Recovery page from Browser.
    Enter your mail address and then Enter the Password, If it changed by hacker or You not know then click to try different Question.
    Use your Recovery Email or Phone number, Google will sent you recovery mail on Sms on your registered Recovery number or Email address.
    Use the Recover code to unlock hacked gmail account, alternatively you can also answer the Security Question which you already set before.


So that’s the Complete Procedure to unlock, Recover hacked Gmail account.

How to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account and Secure within 10 Steps

Retrieving and securing a Facebook account that is hacked is quite possible because the social network itself provides a procedure to report a compromised account and eventually regain access to it. To do this, you just follow the steps listed below and you should have a little patience to this process. Because the recovery process can take more than 24 hours.


Steps to Recover a Hacked Facebook Account

Here, I give step by step procedure to recover hacked Facebook account and also you can secure your Facebook account from hacking. Just follow these simple steps as follows.


Step 1:
Well, if your Facebook account has been hacked by a person or even by a virus, the first thing to do is to access this link given as follows.


Step 2:
Then click on ” My Account Is Compromised ” as shown in the image and on the next page enter your email address, full name, username or phone number associated with your account and click on” Search “.


Step 3:
Complete the security task by entering the captcha in the box and then click on continue


Step 4:
If there are more accounts with the same Username then it displays all the accounts and gives choice to select your account as follows in the image.

Here, you can find the number of accounts with the same Profile name. So, if you enter your Email-ID then your account will be displayed exactly without any confusion. So, prefer to enter your Email-ID. If you don’t remember your email id then prefer another source.


Step 5:
When your account is displayed, enter the password you used to log into Facebook before your account was hacked. Then click ” Continue “.


Step 6:
Then enter the current password or the old password, if you have forgotten the current password.


Step 7:
You will then have the option to reset your password, so you can say that I sent you a link to reset access to the email address with which you have registered on Facebook. If not have access to your email, it is best that you click the “No longer have access to these “and after that, you click” I can not access my email “.


Step 8:
Finally, we just need to enter a new email address for Facebook support. You must follow prompted additional steps to recover your hacked Facebook account.


Step 9:
After confirming the new email address or phone number, then it asks you to answer the secret question. If you answer correctly then it proceeds to the next step.


Step 10:

Once you answered the security question correctly then the next step is to give the new password and now this is the last step where you can change your password to recover your Facebook account that has been hacked.


Gmail Technical Support World Expert Professionals

Occurrence of any of the issues makes the account unresponsive and these defaults are not that easy that can easily be solved by the user itself. For every solution you need a reliable guide. 

In past days, communicating with someone was considered to be inconvenient and expensive. But, with the introduction of digital era, the transmission of document became an easy chore. The introduction webmail was one of the boons of the advent of digital era.

There exists many webmail but the Google holds the finest mail that is Google Mail (Gmail). Using webmail, documents like images, movies, file, folders or any text documents are easily exchanged and that too free of cost.

This webmail is well featured with large storage facility, so here you can easily create history of your moments and document by storing things. All you need to do is download and then view anytime and even at any place. This is how you get ultimate benefit from Gmail.

While using this Gmail, you will come across discrete phase just like the uneven phases of life. So we can easily compare the discrete section of life to the email experience.

While you are working with Gmail, you will face trouble in logging in, signing in, attaching documents, building profile etc. Except these issues, the account of user can bump in many other technical incidents like account blocked, hacked, issues related to spamming and configuration issue.


We are easily approachable through Gmail customer service phone number

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It is a place which handles the responsibility of taking care of Gmail customer’s needs by providing them professional, helpful and excellent assistance anytime.

The experts of our Gmail Toll free Number are meeting everyday needs of Gmail customers and solve the issues rising at their best knowledge and experience.

Interaction Between Gmail Customer Support Team and User:

In present scenario, there exist multiple options to connect with Gmail Technical support. They are now just a call afar. Just the helpdesk technicians on toll free phone are enabling people to sort out issues easily.

By using social media, a user connect with different social media sites like twitter, Facebook and many more and makes it an effective platform for customer service and support channels involvement.

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Technical Support for Google products

Below mentioned are few of the reasons when the user needs Gmail technical support helpline Number:

  • Issue in creating Gmail account
  • Problem in login into Gmail account
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  • Account privacy disturbed or hacked
  • Problem in changing profile image or any details
  • Failure of sending and receiving Gmail
  • Unable to use the option of forward and reply
  • Steps verification in Gmail account
  • Lost messages from Gmail inbox
  • Disappearance of contact details
  • Issue in accessing Gmail account
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  • Gmail SMTP Setting
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 The Google live chat support team are soft spoken and very humble that helps in customer to open up to discuss their problems. The clearance of issue helps the tech team satisfy the needs of customer and bring solution to their issues. We try to add spark in your Gmail experience just on call as we are easily approachable.


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How To Delete A Gmail Account Permanently

Did you create a Gmail account for a temporary purpose and looking forward to deleting Gmail account permanently? Yes! There are at times where they will be a need to create a Gmail account, but we never use that account after that situation. Some people try to completely delete Google account as they no longer need it. Few have many alternative accounts to use, due to which they try to end up with the Gmail account. Whatever may be the reason, if you are stubborn about the decision to delete Gmail account, then this guide will help you out to delete the account forever. Of course! The process isn’t that hard, but you may require to answer few questions before you do so.

Things To Consider Before Deleting Gmail Account

Before you delete your account permanently, here are few points to consider:

– Deleting my Gmail account means you will lose access to your Gmail account and no longer will be able to send or receive emails.
– Since Google account and Gmail account are different, despite you delete Gmail account still you will be able to access other Gmail services.
– In case you are using this account to recover any other account then change it before you deactivate.
– In case you have any downloads that need to have a backup, then do it before you hit delete my Gmail account.
– If you want to reactivate the account, then you need to act fast since you get only a few weeks of time to recover the Gmail account.

how to delete gmail account


Process To Delete Google Account

If you are worried of how to delete Gmail account? Then, here are the steps to follow to permanently delete an account from the Internet.


Step 1: To get started, sign in to the Google account using username and password.

Step 2: Click on the Google profile picture to select “My Account”. This will allow access to personalize your settings so as to safeguard your data.

Step 3: Below the account preferences, you will find the option as “Delete your account or services”.

Step 4: On the next screen, click on Delete products. Here you will see the list of Google services that can be deleted.


Step 5: Re-enter password and click on sign-in.

Step 6: Click on bin icon beside Gmail and enter the Gmail account that needs to be deleted and enter the password. Click on remove Gmail.

Step 7: Read the Google Deletion confirmation message carefully before you confirm to delete Google account or just the Gmail account.


That’s it! You now no longer have access to that Gmail account as the Gmail address is now deleted permanently from the Internet.


Is That Possible To Recover The Hacked Yahoo Account

Friends, many times it happened that we are not careful over the security of our social accounts, like Yahoo.

Which cause the serious issues like hacking or bad use of Yahoo account, here is some reasons listed below:

#1 Your password wasn’t strong to keep away the Hackers,

#2 someone has attacked you through social engineering.

But the biggest question arises now is that what we can do? So in this situation you have only two options:

First one is you should try to recover this hacked Yahoo account.

Or you can left this account as well and then move to make the new account.

But, friends you should not give up at that time and just try to recover your Hacked Yahoo account through the full step guide tutorial of hacked Yahoo account.

For you friends, here is a Step guide that will help you in the best manner:

So, let’s Start to Recover your Yahoo Account
Step #1 First of all you will need to visit the Yahoo account recovery page.

How To Recover Hacked Yahoo Account-1

Step #2 Put your Number to Search Your Yahoo Account.

How To Recover Hacked Yahoo Account - 2

Step #3 Now you will get a code and for it you need to confirm the way you want to get through.

How To Recover Hacked Yahoo Account - 3

Step #4 Put Your Code and Verify.

How To Recover Hacked Yahoo Account - 4

So Friends, that was your last step hope that you can easily resolve your issues.

But if you still getting any other issue related to your Yahoo account so, you can easily visit here and resolve your problem here: Yahoo Live Chat Services

Source : How to recover hacked yahoo account

Why is Pinterest not working on my computer? How do I fix it?

As we know that Printerest is one of the most amazing social networking site for sharing the photos and videos. You can use pinterest on our own sheet as well as on other’s sheet. By a survey it has been found that Pinterest is one of the exceptionally used photo sharing site. But as every technology cannot always be away from the technical glitches.

So in a same way Pinterest have some issues with my computer. So if you are also the one who even have faced issues like pinterest not loading or working on PC or computer. Or if you are using updated version of Google chrome browser and in that case you fail to fix the issues. You can immediately refresh it and go for the complete tutorial to fix such issues via going or following some easy steps-


  • First of all remove the Pinterest expansion from the Chrome program and then, you have to reinstall it again from the Chrome store.
  • Next clear all the transitory documents on the program by removing the reserve and the treats of Google Chrome.
  • Now ensure the JavaScript is enabled on the Google chrome
  • Now at last check weather all the expansions like promotion blocking or infection examining augmentations are stopped.

You can take quick help and support through Pinterest Technical Support Number. The number is accessible 24*7 hour/day to investigate the issues of Prinster users and their issues like pinterest not responding or working on computer. Here you will get subjective particular plan as per your essential.

Hotmail account recovery for Blocked account

Did your hotmail account get blocked? Then you are at the right place. We are here to suggest you what you should do in order to hotmail account recovery process. Don’t panic, just read out these instructions. All the steps are simple, yet if you need help of an expert; we are here to provide you that. The users can contact our hotmail customer service team to get their problem resolved.

What is Hotmail account?

Hotmail is one of the most popular free online email services, provide by Microsoft. It is a web mail service and users can access it anywhere in the world from a web browser. The window live hotmail service was renamed to

How do Hotmail account blocked?

Hotmail is a browser based service. There are many ways in which a window live/hotmail account might become blocked. These all are due to end user misuse. Mostly user ignoring or misreading the term and conditions of use issued by Microsoft when you sign up for an account.The cause of the email blocking is you can take it under control and adjust your email program to overcome the hotmail blocking challenges in your future campaigns.

Causes of blocked account:

  • Too many spam complaints.
  • Too many invalid email addresses.
  • Technical sending issues.

Hotmail account recovery process – Step by Step Instructions

  • Firstly open the window live hotmail home page. And sign in your account, but then automatically recognizes that your account has been blocked.
  • Click “continue” on the initial screen to access and select alternative contact method you would like your verification code sent and then click on “send code”. 
  • Then enter the verification code displays on page.Enter the code from your email into the box and click “continue” to open the “Reset your password” page.
  • Enter your password into the “old password” and enter a new one password. Click “save” to confirm your password details and open the review contact details screen.
  • Confirm your alternative account details are still valid and then click “continue” to unblock your account.
Your account can be blocked without your knowledge. It is very important for you to quickly perform the process for Hotmail account recovery. One last thing is if you receive email information, your account has been blocked. Then, Open a browser window and try to login to hotmail account status and recover the account.

How do I recover or reset my AOL email password?

AOL is a American company developed in america it is an multimedia and internet service company. AOL provides to its users a friendly based emails this server use for send or receive worldwide Emails. If you are a AOL account user and you forgot your AOL password and want to reset it. You can also contact AOL tech Support or Here are some steps. It will help you to reset your AOL password.

There are three ways to Reset your AOL password.
1).Using Gmail Account
2).Registered mobile Number
3). Security Questions


1).Through Gmail Account.
Go to the AOL login page. For reset your AOL password.

You find this type of page. Click on forgot password You can also reset your password through your registered Mobile number, Gmail or Security Questions asked By AOL during registration.

After clicking you find this type of page . Now you have to enter your username or registered Email. And Security code. For receiving a verification link on your Gmail account . After filling click on next Then you receive a verification link on your Gmail Inbox open the mail and click on verification link and choose a new desired strong password.

2).Registered Mobile Number.

You can also reset your password through your registered mobile number. Click on send a verification code to my Recovery phone. Then Enter your registered phone number you can have it code through call or text message. Choose whichever method you want. Then click on next and after this you have to choose your new password. Choose a strong and desired password.

3).Security Questions.

Choose security Question Method Enter your answers to the question asked and (Questions asked during you created your AOL account ) fill the correct answers after this you can choose a new password for your AOL account.

How to create an AOL Account

If you want to create an AOL Account follow some instructions.
Visit AOL main page. And click on don’t have an account? Sign up
Choose your First name_____
Last name______
Email Address________ (Choose a new Email for AOL not your Gmail)
Password _________ (Choose a strong password)
Date of Birth________ (Enter your DOB)
Then click on Continue
Select your Security Questions and Enter your valid mobile number.
Enter your alternate Email Address
Enter Security code given below then click on sign up

Now you have to verify your Email address open a message send to your gmail Account click on verification link Now your AOL Account is created. You have to Ensure you have a modem because it creates a dial up connection you have to create a dial-up modem connected with your phone line. If you are a modem then your account is. Ready to use. If you are not a modem want to setting up click here for details to setting a modem for dial-up connection.
Now you can avail offers of AOL choose a plan what you want and sign up. Your debit card will be charged monthly as per plan you choose.


Visit at:

How to Change Yahoo Password

If you have Yahoo! Email account then you can send email to anyone in any part of the world and receive emails as well. Password is the main element of your Yahoo! Email account that requires to be strong in order to avoid any kind of misuse and hacking. Therefore, try your best to select a difficult password that is easy for you to remember but difficult for others to guess. Do not use any of your personal bio data for this purpose, as it will be easy for others to guess. It is even better to change password from time to time as it decreases the chances of password hacking. Changing your email password is easy and can be done within few clicks.

  • Turn on your computer or laptop and open Yahoo Mail’s main page by entering into the address bar. Once the Yahoo Mail Log in page is open, enter your Yahoo Email ID and password.


  • Now look at the Yahoo! Mail's top menu, click your name, and select “Account Info” from the options that comes up.

It will ask you to re enter your password in order to make sure that you are the real owner of the account. Simply type your Yahoo! Mail password under your ID and click the “Sign In” option.


Once you entered password, a page will be open in front of you, containing all your account information. Find the “Change your password” option under Sign-In and Security and click it.


The next page will contain three Text Fields. Type your old Yahoo! Mail password in the Text field  and new password in the second one. Now, re-type the new Yahoo! Mail password in the third text field to confirm it.


After entering the old and new passwords in the desired fields, click the “save” button to set your new password. That will change your password,  you can now return to your Yahoo! Mail and enjoy the unlimited services.